As promised, we’ll now take a look at competitor ad group setup among other things in this third article of the series.

1.       Name your ad groups to reflect competitive brands
2.       Visibility on keyword match types with (phrase) and bucket ad group with (long tail)
3.       Do not ‘separate out’ the long tail as not enough added value for extra work load

For instance, Germany’s Continental would list the following tire manufacturers as competitor ad groups:
·         Bridgestone, Bridgestone (longtail), Bridgestone (phrase)
·         Michelin, Michelin (longtail), Michelin (phrase)
·         Goodyear, Goodyear (longtail), Goodyear (phrase)
·         Pirelli and others

What about your own brand?
Following the Continental example above, name your ad groups to reflect your own brand queries. 

Ensure visibility on the following:
·         match types with (phrase)
·         bucket ad group with (long tail)
·         navigational searches with (url)
·         branding issues with (misspellings)
·         Main associations with expanded out ad groups

For instance, Continental would create the following ad groups:
·         Continental
·         Continental (longtail)
·         Continental (misspellings)
·         Continental (phrase)
·         Continental (url)
·         Continental + tires

What if Continental decided to name their ad groups based on their business model?
They would ensure the following:
·         Ad group names reflect generic business model queries
·         Visibility on match types with (phrase) and bucket ad group with (long tail)
·         Inclusion of non-campaign name keywords in cases of low search volume

And as above, the following would be the typical ad groups:
·         Tires
·         Tires (longtail)
·         Tires (phrase)

Now then, let’s take a look at some keyword rules or best practices if you like:
1.       Always enter keywords in lower case; consistency is gold
2.       Exact match: Include singular and plural variants of the keyword in any word order with traffic volume
3.       Phrase match: singular and plural variants of the head match keyword
4.       Broad match: the most common head match variant of the keyword

See below example
Ad group
Tires (phrase)
Tires (phrase)
[tire brand]
Tire + Brands
[tire brands]
Tire + Brands
[best tire brands]
Tire + Brands + Best

In the next post, we’ll look at optimization strategies.

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