General enterprising tendencies



This test has been designed to bring together and measure a number of personal ‘tendencies’ commonly associated with enterprising persons.  These include: need for achievement; need for autonomy; creative tendency; risk taking; drive and determination.  The test has been developed and validated during research into a variety of measures used to assess entrepreneurship and enterprise.
However, ‘general enterprising tendency’ is a broader concept than ‘entrepreneurship’ and can be applied to people in many different situations, including those working in business support agencies, social and community enterprises, business organizations as well as those intending to start a business enterprise.  The test can be used to help in the recruitment of individuals to jobs and positions and to measure personal development during periods of training or practical experiences.
The development and validation of the GET Test is based largely on the work of Sally Caird* at Durham University Business School.

The test is simple and you can take it here

·         There are not right or wrong answers.
·         The statements are numbered 1 to 54.
·         It will take about 10 minutes of your time to say if you agree or disagree with the statements.
·         If you have trouble deciding if you agree or disagree absolutely, then answer on the basis of agreeing more than disagreeing or vice versa.
·         Don’t think too long about an answer.
*Caird S (1992), Problems with the identification of enterprise competencies and the implications for assessment and development, Management Education and Development. Vol.23, Part 1, pp. 6-17.

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